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The Future of Smart Home(wifi smart socket)

The intelligent voice assistant has become the next interactive portal for technology giants. Currently, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple have all released their own AI speakers. Whether they are Google Home using Assistant, Alex Echo , or Cortana. Microsoft Invoke, or the rumored Apple Siri speakers, voice assistants are the core of t

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New Product - Small Size US Smart Socket

 In order to adapt to the traditional row size of the United States, in addition to the conventional small round and small size, G-MIN specially developed a small-size rectangular American standard socket. So during its use, it does not occupy the position of adjacent jack holes. This product has passed the test and is officially open for sale

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Feast of Smart Home - Google I/O Conference about smart socket

This year's Google I/O Conference was held in California in May. The protagonist is still AI artificial intelligence. "Mobile First to AI First" proposed many times. AI artificial intelligence can be understood as speech recognition, image recognition, behavioral prediction, and moderator understanding of the representation of these deep learning r

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New Products - Detecting Power Outlets

 The company will push a new function on the basis of the original smart socket: detecting power. It is convenient for customerswho have such needs to check the use of the corresponding appliances. This series of products was officially launched in June. 

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Secret Techniques for Intelligent Plug Socket Only a Few People Know

Most routers have five unique ports. A telltale indication that the router isn't working properly is when no blinking lights appear. In the event the wireless router is linked to a power outlet, disconnect its power cable too. Due to the proliferation of laptop computers in the last few years, wireless routers have come to be increasingly common as

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